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A bad deal for NH

January 15. 2018 10:31PM

To the Editor: For years now, I have been hearing about the proposed Northern Pass project, and never once has it struck me as a good idea for New Hampshire. Essentially, the Northern Pass will bring power to southern New England, potentially improving energy costs for its residents, while destroying portions of New Hampshire’s scenic landscape, perturbing its forests and wildlife, and disrupting the private lives and commercial interests of its citizens.

When I first heard of the proposal, I asked myself, what does New Hampshire gain? To this day, I have yet to find a satisfactory answer. Despite a few changes made to the proposal, the Northern Pass remains a bad deal for New Hampshire.

Nor can the cost of building Northern Pass be justified by appealing to its anticipated positive impact on the biosphere. The production of hydroelectric power, which the lines will transport, could generate enough carbon emissions to cancel its green benefits.

As a life-long resident of New Hampshire, I fear that the Northern Pass will strip our state of the very assets that make it an attractive and unique place to live and visit. For me, these include peaceful drives through our state to camp or ski, as well as the opportunity to take a break from fast-paced city life. Instead, however, these may soon be replaced with the noise and bustle of bulldozers, trucks, and machinery, as they build an avenue through our state to transport and sell Canadian power.


Highcrest Road


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