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Thank you, Ted: Gatsas exits City Hall

December 28. 2017 8:03PM

Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas at his last meeting at City Hall on Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2017. (THOMAS ROY/UNION LEADER)

After eight years at the wheel at Manchester City Hall, Mayor Ted Gatsas is ready to turn the keys over to Mayor-elect Joyce Craig.

Craig takes her oath of office on Tuesday morning, so Gatsas has one last, long weekend in charge of the Queen City.

Manchester has done well on his watch.

The Millyard has blossomed into a leading high-tech hub, which is helping to reverse the city’s demographic shift by bringing young professionals and their families to the city center. Real estate developers are looking to build in Manchester.

Tax-and-spend aldermen threatened to bust through the city’s tax cap every year, but Gatsas has held his own, defending homeowners and business at every turn. Gatsas has held the line on city spending, directing additional taxpayer support into the school system.

Manchester schools are innovating and improving. The Manchester School of Technology, the STEAM Ahead program at West High School, Parker-Varney Elementary and the Beech Street School are all blazing new paths in education.

Gatsas took a lot of heat for turning down a proposed solar deal two years ago. But he held out for a better deal, which will yield dividends for Manchester and the environment for the next 25 years.

Gatsas built up battle scars over the past eight years, but Manchester is better for his battles. We thank him for his service, and wish him well.

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