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Don't give up the fight

December 17. 2017 1:19AM

To the Editor: Despite propaganda, Northern Pass is not a done deal. We can still save our state from this ill-conceived project. The governor works for us, and the SEC is obligated to read, consider and record all comments received through mid-December.

Northern Pass is unnecessary. There is no New England demand for more power. Northern Pass is about private, for-profit companies selling electricity to Massachusetts and Connecticut to grow market share.

Eversource proposes a 192-mile transmission line through New Hampshire forests, towns and communities, refusing to build along the interstate. About 60 miles may be buried, and 132 miles would consist of massive steel towers of 85 to 155 feet (twice the height of trees and existing towers), visible from 3,000 surrounding acres. In Concord, existing forested buffers between current towers and homes would be clear-cut, and towers moved adjacent to residential homes.

Northern Pass is not clean/green. In Canada, Hydro-Quebec would dam/flood (destroy) an area approximately 80 percent the size of New Hampshire, including indigenous lands. Decaying matter in flooded areas releases global warming gases (methane and CO2).

Northern Pass does not serve the public interest. It creates three permanent jobs, would not lower electricity rates, and could irreparably damage one of our top three industries (tourism) by permanently destroying New Hampshire's iconic scenic beauty.

The vast majority of residents remain opposed - 33 communities passed resolutions opposing Northern Pass. But it is imperative that the SEC and the governor hear from us now.



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