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No more heroes

December 15. 2017 12:10AM

To the Editor: John McCain was not the hero this time. Neither was Susan Collins, or Jeff Flake. With the exception of Bob Corker, they all folded. Every Republican in the U.S. Senate saw fit to abandon principles long held and often stated. And so they conspired to shove through — excuse me, pass — a bill that accomplishes four things, all of them awful.

It further lines the pockets of the already super-rich.

It takes health care away from 13 million people.

It explodes the deficit, about which most of these jokers pretended to care so deeply.

It liberates our insufferable President to crow about a big win.

Of course, with his gift for turning everything upside down and backwards, he crows about winning even when he loses. If North Korea drops one on us, heaven forfend, Trump will say he was working on population control and this bomb only serves to help with his agenda.

It is a very disturbing time in the history of this country. The inmates truly are running the asylum.



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