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Beagle burglary in NH town goes viral

December 14. 2017 7:18AM


SPRINGFIELD — An investigation into the burglary of two beagle puppies in the small town of Springfield two weeks ago is attracting viral attention on social media in New Hampshire.

Police officials said the four-and-a-half month old dogs, a male and female, were taken from a local home Nov. 28.

Springfield Sgt. Michael J. Beaulieu has been leading the investigation and took to Facebook himself to broadcast the request for help.

"They were stolen from their crates from within one of our local residents home," Sgt. Beaulieu wrote. "Should anyone have any information regarding someone selling one of these pups or maybe even gifting a pup, please Facebook message me or e-mail me at The family is heartbroken."

Officials from several police departments around the town of Springfield have posted this alert on their own Facebook pages.


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