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Keep our eyes on the VA

December 11. 2017 9:01PM

To the Editor: Here we go again with the VA and its many ongoing problems that continue to place veterans in harm’s way. This time, it’s a matter of some doctors who may not have done such good jobs in taking care of these veterans who were allowed to move on to the private sector and other VA facilities.

The VA secretary has been given all kinds of accolades for doing such a great job, especially here in New Hampshire, yet he ignored our representatives’ request to look into the needs and problems we were having at Manchester VA. Secretary David Shulkin is also an M.D., so you’d think he would have looked into this some time ago.

If he cares so much about the VA, veterans, and the job he’s doing, he would never walk away and accept another position like say, secretary of health and human services, now that Tom Price is no longer there? No, he wouldn’t do that.

We here in New Hampshire understand that the VA system is a mess no matter what is being said. Improving? We can only hope. We have to keep our eyes open here in New Hampshire, take care of each other, and watch our own system.

That term “slipped through the cracks” has to end. When we speak of “choice,” let’s make sure it is our choice, not some committee’s or department’s choice for us!



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