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Higher standards for Congress

December 11. 2017 12:25AM

To the Editor: Once upon a time, in a place where men were men and God’s greatest creation, the female of the species, was reverenced, any attack upon a woman’s modesty or privacy resulted in a swift but effective response by her father or brothers. This was a time before revelations of the press of perverts was joined to the party of perverts. The offending male was invited to go meet Jesus. The pervert was taken to the woods to meet Jesus, which consisted of his having the you know what beaten out of him. No excuses, no apologies. An example to any coward to preyed upon females.

Judicial Watch is presently investigating congressmen who have settled taxpayer money on victims of sexual harassment by elected officials. Voters need to know of the perverts they have elected to public office. My congratulations to corporate America, especially Comcast, the parent of NBC, for swift firing of her golden boy, Matt Lauer, when revelations of his perversion were revealed. Corporate America does not tolerate an unsafe workplace for females. We the people cannot tolerate a Congress where females are subjected to harassment.



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