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Remember to give thanks

November 20. 2017 10:17PM

To the Editor: Retailers seem to basically skip over Thanksgiving every year, based on very few ads and mostly goofy turkey holiday merchandise. Probably because it isn’t as profitable as other holidays.

However, consider that when Jesus had healed 10 individuals who had leprosy or some type of infectious skin disease (Luke 17:11-19), only one of them returned to thank him for it. How often have you really said “Thanks” to God for what He has done for you?

Usually we take our blessings for granted, rejoicing in our good fortune, but never really giving thanks to Him, because we feel entitled to them I suppose. How are we any different from the other nine lepers? Consider what would happen if He decided to take all those blessings away for a while because we were so unthankful. Would you be giving thanks then?



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