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Steer gets horns, head stuck in race car tire on Fremont farm

Union Leader Correspondent

November 08. 2017 8:54PM
This steer found himself in quite a predicament last weekend when he got his head caught in a race car tire. (Roy Olsen)

FREMONT — A bovine bungled up his morning graze at a local farm last weekend when he got his head caught in a race car tire.

It was slow going for the helpless steer Saturday morning as he wandered in the field at Brookvale Pines Farm with the Hoosier racing tire hanging over his head after his horns got hung up inside.

Neighbor Kelli Olsen was one of those who saw the animal and snapped some photos while calling Scott and Brenda Barthelemy, owners of the fourth-generation farm on Martin Road.

Olsen couldn’t believe what she was seeing when she looked out in the field and her dogs started barking.

“The dogs were going crazy because they didn’t know what it was,” she said.

She and her husband, Roy, walked behind the beast and tried to get close enough to remove the tire, but they had no luck.

Several bewildered drivers stopped their cars along the road and watched.

“They were all slamming on their brakes and pulling over to watch this cow with a tire on its head,” Olsen said. “I’ve seen a lot of things, but I’ve never seen that.”

The Barthelemys’ son, Lester, said the tire made it tough for the steer to see as it tried to walk in the field. The animal could look straight ahead, but that was about it.

He said the tire was left over from an event held during last month’s snowmobile grass drag and water cross competition.

“The tire was hooked on its horns. We just got it in the pen in the pasture and just pulled it off. There really wasn’t too much excitement,” said Barthelemy, who recalled the rescue like it was just another day down on the farm.

VIDEO: Cow struggles with tire on its head:

He also recalled the time when he was a kid and his late grandfather, Philip Peterson, ran the farm and lost a few of his oxen. They ended up at a resident’s house down the road and were found drinking water from their pool.

In 1986, Peterson was asked by a man if he could keep some “animals” in the woods on the farm; he later discovered the animals were a lion, elephant, camels and other creatures stolen from a circus in Massachusetts.

Most recently, the Barthelemys created an attraction for passersby when they bought an old school bus and transformed it into a mobile chicken coop.

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