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Looking for an impatient leader

October 21. 2017 6:39PM

To the Editor: I hope to see Tammy Simmons from Ward 10 elected to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen this November. We're facing tough issues in Manchester. We really could fix them, or better understand them, but we lack practical, decisive leadership in our city.

Tammy has proven herself a strong and capable leader whose word means something. We need to choose more leaders like her. I, for one, am worried about taxes increasing. Manchester residents (not to mention the rental market) cannot shoulder that burden.

We need every vote cast to go toward electing spending-conscious leaders who want to solve problems, not try to spend them away. I like that Tammy can be impatient, or even pushy, and that she doesn't pull any punches. Plans for the revitalization and modernization of our beautiful city and business district are going to turn to sand and blow away if we don't start making things happen at City Hall soon.

Tammy has done that in Manchester and for New Hampshire. Remember the spending cap and community dog park? She worked tirelessly for both, and so much more.

There are a lot of good people living here, and we're ready to do the work. We're ready for impatient leaders, who are willing to be held accountable, and who don't pull any punches. I'm sick of all the talk. I want to see doing.



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