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What is Joyce Craig thinking?

October 19. 2017 11:30PM

To the Editor: A renters tax? What is Joyce Craig thinking? As a renter here in Manchester, I already pay enough, and if Craig is mayor I will definitely being paying a lot more, big league!

Craig has proposed a renters tax that would work similarly to the state of New Hampshire Meals and Rooms Tax of nine percent. Just doing the simple math on my $2,500 rent that I pay to live downtown, this would mean I’d be paying an additional $250 a month. That’s equal to a car payment. That’s crazy!

If Joyce Craig becomes mayor, how does she expect people to afford to live in the city? The answer is simple. They will be forced to move out of the city because Manchester will be unaffordable.

From all of my research, Joyce Craig’s only solution to anything is more spending and it will be us, the renters here in Manchester, that will be left footing the bill. Enough is enough.


Elm Street


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