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Newport school committee says no to charging fees for extracurricular activities

Union Leader Correspondent

October 16. 2017 10:02PM

NEWPORT — The School District Fee Committee has released a draft report recommending against the school district charging a fee to families for extracurricular activities.

“The Fee Study Committee does not support charging fees as a revenue source for the Newport School District,” the draft report said.

The committee, however, did recommend finding equitable solutions for those students who participate in extracurricular activities, but do not attend the Newport School District.

The committee also pointed out that the stipends for adults who staff extracurricular activities are part of the Teachers/NTA collective bargaining agreement.

“The Committee recommends that these positions be removed from the agreement because it notes that the majority of coaches are not members of the teaching staff,” the draft report said.

If fees are charged there should be a specific purpose, the committee said.

“For instance, if the purpose is to offset costs, then the revenue should be attributed to that activity budget line. Alternatively, the fees could go into a trust fund for the purpose of capital improvements for extra-curricular activities (a new gym/auditorium),” the committee said in its draft report.

The committee released the draft report to the school board this week, said SAU 43 Superintendent Cindy Gallagher.

The committee plans to vote on the draft Wednesday, with plans to present it to the school board on Nov. 19, she said.

March town meeting voters said yes in a narrow margin — 216 to 211 — to studying the question of whether or not the school district should charge fees for after school activities from math club to football.

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