Dick Pinney's Guide Lines: Cooling weather brings back deer hunt memories

By DICK PINNEY September 24. 2017 3:19AM

WITH A TINT of frost on the ground and the smell of fallen oak leaves invading my senses, it's time to think a little bit about the upcoming deer hunt, or at least go back in time and reminisce about hunts past.

One in particular sticks in my mind, as it all came together as a plan, a very rare occasion for my deer hunting luck.

You ordinarily wouldn't give the heavily populated Seacoast town of Rye as a potential deer hunting Mecca and it isn't! But there were a few places where the deer were fooled into thinking that they could just wander around without taking any notice to potential hunters, or for that matter, any humans.

But we had, time after time, seen quite a few deer in some very huntable territory, both legally and safe places to shoot a gun and hunt a deer.

So my friend "the Tomcat" and I had decided it was up to us to bring some control to the building deer population in some of that very dense and hard to hunt, swampy woods.

We both love to "sneak and peek"! And that's exactly what we had been doing. Moving a lot of deer but not exactly spooking them. We had scouted a lot of this ground to find places where we could shoot a deer without creating a lot of disturbances with the locals.

Several times I had a chance to risk a shot at a nice mature deer but didn't do it because of the noise and the fact that dragging a deer out to the road in some of those places would do a lot of harm and cause quite a bit of land to be posted. So we were very fussy on where we'd pull the trigger.

But one day the good things all came together. I had been up in a tree for a couple of hours and had heard some deer moving around in the dry leaves, but no sightings. So we moved to another spot and climbed up in another tree.

Eventually a nice deer showed up along the opening of a big, wet swamp. When it got to a safe place for me to take a crack at it (after scanning the background well), we had a chance at a neck shot and the twelve gauge shotgun slug found its target and the big doe was DOA.

The Dickster needed some help! So we fired the so-called emergency rounds to alert Tom but got no response. Trying twice more and also getting no response from Tom, we climbed well up into a big hardwood tree and fired another three shots. We were very surprised to have a return volley come from just yards away!

It was the Tomcat! "I wasn't gonna waste any of my ammo returning your shots and knew that it was gonna be easy to find out where they were coming from."

"Nice deer! Let's get 'er out of here and I'll run down and bring up the pickup."

Rye isn't the place where you want to drive around with a dead deer hanging off your fender, or have a deer head sticking up out of the back of a pickup! So we just smuggled the deer into the back with just the tip of one hoof sticking up and headed for a checking station, closest one being Suds-n-Soda Sports in Greenland. On Jim Mackenzie's scales, it weighed a decent few pounds, over a hundred - dressed out.

We were very pleased and satisfied. We had taken a nice deer out of an almost unhunted population without raising any ruckus and problems with anyone. That success was sweetened because we had scouted and carefully hunted the area in a safe and accustomed way.

And the venison tasted just as good as it could be. Even though the smell of saltwater had overcome the sweetness of the smell of deep country woods!

It was a great hunt and a great day!

Drop us an email at doduckinn@aol.com and get out there and get you some.

Dick Pinney 's column appears weekly in the New Hampshire Sunday News. Email him at DoDuckInn@aol.com.


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