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Fearing student voters

September 17. 2017 6:05PM

To the Editor: The Sept. 10 editorial titled “Motor voters: NH flooded with out-of-state ballots” made the following statement:

“Democrats scream that thousands of out-of-staters casting New Hampshire ballots is not proof of illegal voter fraud.

“They are correct. This is legal voter fraud.”

This statement refers to those out-of-state students who attend a New Hampshire educational institution, most of whom have out-of-state driver’s licenses. What is not mentioned that the new law doesn’t change such “legal voter fraud” because it doesn’t (can’t) change the domicile requirement. It merely changes the manner in which a student voter must register (e.g., showing proof of “residency … at an institution of learning in that place”).

The sentiment of the editorial is one of exclusion. It views students from other states as invaders (and to be sure, invaders with a certain political viewpoint). One must wonder what would happen to New Hampshire if some of those invaders actually stay and make a go of it in our rapidly aging state? Perhaps many would eventually see the light and become Republicans. Then again, perhaps most would not. That is the real fear of the editorial’s author, the fear of changing demographics.




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