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Protecting ourselves

August 29. 2017 11:22PM

To the Editor: Terrorism is starting up again, twice in Spain and another in Finland. We must remember it is only a tiny minority, liberals keep telling us.

Gee, how comforting to the families of the victims, and these same liberals want to ban civilian ownership and carrying of firearms. That makes no sense to me to go unarmed when there is no place truly safe. Between terrorists, criminals, and druggies looking for cash for their next fix, add to that political extremists — left and right — a person minding their own business takes their life into their hands just leaving the house. Even then, home invaders have become, if not common, then at least not rare.

Look I’m 5-foot-7 inches tall, 200 pounds, and will be 75 in mid-October. I can’t outrun or outfight the violence, so who are these liberals? Where do they get the right to tell me or anyone how I’m allowed to protect myself and my wife? Why are “stand your ground” laws so offensive to liberals? Why should criminals be protected over law-abiding people, young women and mothers, and yes, old geezers like me? Liberal reasoning is totally at odds with good sense and not just on this issue.



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