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A racetrack, not a campground

August 22. 2017 12:48AM

To the Editor: This Thursday, Aug. 24, New Hampshire Motor Speedway will present its request for camping and concerts on non-race days to the Loudon Zoning Board of Adjustment, and we invite concerned citizens to attend. The meeting will be at 7 p.m. at the Loudon Elementary School.

Our citizens group,, is requesting the town enforce the 1989 agreement signed with the Speedway, on behalf of its citizens, and not permit a variance to allow 20,000 people to camp and concert on residential property adjacent to Lower Ridge Road. The application is for up to 21 days and nights, not just three, as the Speedway has led everyone to believe.

Variances are not to be granted when a proposal is determined to: cause excessive noise, be detrimental to the neighborhood, constitute a hazard, or require additional Municipal Services. Huge, loud, multi-day concerts fail each of these tests.

Residents who are concerned about the Loudon tax base should encourage more permanent, year round businesses. Growth is discouraged for new businesses when they realize driveways are shut down, and people can’t come and go each time the Speedway limits use and access to New Hampshire Route 106.

Please attend the meeting to make your voices heard. You may also drop off a letter to Loudon ZBA referencing the NHMS variance requests 17-6 and 17-7.



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