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Medicaid expansion

August 20. 2017 11:12PM

To the Editor: This is in response to your recent editorial which discusses the funding for New Hampshire’s share of the Medicaid expansion program. As a New Hampshire resident that relies on this program for health insurance, I found your editorial and the head of Americans for Prosperity comments highly insulting. For example; that these people should not have been put on the program in the first place, and that they are all able bodied adults that could work, but choose not to.

I respectfully disagree.

I was laid off from my last full time job 12 years ago, and have only had temporary and part-time jobs since then, despite actively looking for full-time work. Many of the people in this program do work, but in part-time jobs that have no benefits.

Without enough hours to qualify for benefits, and not making enough to afford it on their own, where are all these people supposed to get insurance? Ending the program will put all these people on charity care from the hospitals, which increases the insurance rates for everyone else.

At age 60+, I am unlikely to have a full time job again, but am too young to go on Medicare. With part-time and temporary work seeming to be the new norm, obviously there is a need to find a way to provide health insurance that isn’t based on employment. Taking insurance away from 50,000 people without proposing any alternatives isn’t going to solve anything.


Pine Street


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