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Claremont assistant mayor steps down

Sunday News Correspondent

August 12. 2017 7:58PM

CLAREMONT - City councilors plan to appoint a new assistant mayor on or before their Sept. 20 meeting, Mayor Charlene Lovett said Friday.

Victor Bergeron, who has been assistant mayor for the past eight years, announced his resignation Wednesday.

"This has not been an easy decision for me to make," Bergeron said, adding he and his wife had an opportunity to sell their house sooner than expected and plan to move to their home in Florida full-time for many reasons, but not because of the city's taxes.

"We all have a right to speak our piece in this city or anywhere and you can post all you want on websites, but I wish they would do it with honesty and truth," Bergeron said of online comments about the city's high taxes. "We're doing this for our health and our well-being ... I love this city; it's my home and some day I will come back to it, but this is something we need to do for ourselves."

Bergeron said he and his wife plan to move in September. His last day as assistant mayor will be Aug. 31.

Lovett said Friday she has reviewed the city's charter and it requires the City Council to fill any vacancies on the council on or before the second meeting after the vacancy is created.

The vacancy is created when Bergeron steps down Aug. 31, so his position must be filled on or before the council's Sept. 20 meeting.

Bergeron's term was to have ended in November with city elections.

Lovett said she anticipates the council will first vote to promote a sitting council member to assistant mayor and then move on to the task of appointing a new council member.

How the appointment process proceeds will first have to be decided by the council; it could involve nominations and interviews with the council, she said.

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