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Innis in the 1st: A strong choice for Congress

August 24. 2014 8:07PM

The Republican Party has the chance this year to field a candidate against Rep. Carol Shea-Porter who stands a very good shot of beating her in this election and the next one and the next one, and representing New Hampshire well in the process. His name is Dan Innis, and Republicans in the 1st District should vote for him in the primary on Sept. 9.
Innis winning the primary would be Shea-Porter's worst nightmare. He is very sharp, very thoughtful, and very hard to demonize. What is more, he has done his homework. For a first-time candidate, Innis impresses with his knowledge of the issues and his detailed proposals for fixing Washington's numerous problems.
A small-business owner and former dean of the business school at UNH, Innis has a depth of economic understanding that is sorely lacking in Washington.

He talks with knowledge and passion about the need for tax and regulatory reform, but also about how to achieve it. He explains what is wrong with Obamacare as well as anyone, and better than most.Instead of spouting rehearsed talking points, he can tell voters why the Republican solutions to Obamacare, or entitlement problems or budget issues are the better solutions. And he is a leader, not a follower, on privacy rights, which have become so important.
We do not agree with Innis on every issue, but we think he would be a great candidate for the GOP.

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