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Weare police: Man kicks out police cruiser window

Union Leader Correspondent

August 15. 2014 6:18PM
Timothy Florentino ...told to leave bar 

WEARE — An intoxicated man kicked a window out of the police cruiser when he was arrested on Thursday, police said.

The situation turned aggressive when Timothy Florentino of 85 East Road in Weare resisted arrest, according to Weare police.

At approximately 3:30 p.m. Thursday afternoon Weare Police Officer Brandon Montplaisir responded to Boondocks Tavern on 487 South Stark Highway after a report of an altercation between the bar owner and an intoxicated patron.

“The owner called for an intoxicated patron and told the guy to leave and he didn’t want him to drive and they got into an altercation,” said Weare Police Chief John D. Valleca.

Montplaisir responded and was met with resistance by Florentino as he tried to drive while intoxicated and a fight ensued, police said. Florentino was swinging at Montplaisir, according to police.

A passerby witnessed the altercation and called directly to the Weare police station where four officers were in a meeting finalizing the body camera policy and rushed to assist Montplaisir, according to Chief Valleca.

“Shortly thereafter, Florentino was subdued after additional police officers arrived. Upon arrest, Florentino was placed in the rear of a Weare police cruiser where he proceeded to kick violently at the rear passenger side window, breaking the window and the accompanying door frame,” said Valleca.

The chief opened the door to talk to Florentino and calmed him down but once the door was closed again Florentino kicked out the window of the back of the police cruiser, bending the door frame. He was kicking, banging his head on the glass and kicked out the window, police said. He was out of control, according the police.

“Since he was so violent, instead of bringing him to our station to do paperwork we decided to transport him directly to Valley Street Jail. We had officers in the car with him and another vehicle following. As we drove down Route 114 he was trying to jump out the broken window to escape. We couldn’t get the seatbelts on him because he was fighting vehemently so we called Manchester police to use their transfer van,” said Valleca. “It was nice to see the agencies working well together. It was good team work. We rely on Manchester a lot and go to mutual aid training with them. They have always been there for us.

"Florentino gave jail officials a hard time also and was kicking in the Manchester van,” added Chief Valleca.

Weare police officers Deputy Chief Sean Kelly, Sgt. Kim McSweeney, Sgt. Fran Hebert and the chief responded to assist.

Florentino was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, criminal threatening, criminal mischief, resisting arrest or detention, simple assault, and criminal attempt, escape from custody.

Florentino was arraigned at Manchester District Court on Friday morning and will be held on $30,000 cash bond at the Valley Street Jail.

The body camera policy was finalized on Thursday and officers could be wearing them as early as the weekend. The decision to equip officers with body cameras came at the end of June.

“The officer want to get the cameras,” said Chief Valleca. “This is not us looking out at the public in terms of surveillance but them looking into us. I was taking my time and getting input but after yesterday, I figured we can adjust the policy after if necessary.”

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