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Obama's priority: Raising money

July 17. 2014 10:38PM

The Middle East is imploding, our southern border is effectively erased, the economy continues to sputter, Social Security is inching closer to insolvency, and our national debt is on track to exceed the entire U.S. economy in 25 years. What has President Obama been doing? Holding fundraisers.

The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that President Obama has held 393 fundraisers, including 34 so far this year. President George W. Bush held 318 fundraisers in his entire two terms.

Republicans made hay about Obama not coming to the border during his recent trip to Texas. Why was he in Texas? To raise money.

Obama has managed to find a great deal of time to raise money for Democrats and make television appearances. What he has done with the rest of his time is a mystery. But maybe it is better this way. Had Obama stayed in the Oval Office diligently attempting to manage the government, things might be even worse.


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