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Annie Kuster has the distinction of being John Bolton's first ad target

July 17. 2014 11:00AM

The John Bolton Super Pac has released its very first television ad, and the subject is Rep. Annie Kuster of New Hampshire's 2nd District. The ad, titled "Baffled," features clips of Kuster's disastrous Benghazi comments during a public meeting (in which she claimed Benghazi was not an issue before the U.S. House and Libya was not in the Middle East).

The ad uses the words "confused," "clueless," and "lost" to describe Kuster on Benghazi.

"This isn't a geography lesson, but Congresswoman Ann Kuster should've known better," Bolton says in the ad. "New Hampshire deserves better representatives in Congress than Ann Kuster," he concludes.

The Bolton PAC is a national super PAC created to "support candidates who are committed to restoring strong American economic and national security." That Kuster was its first target says a lot about her perceived vulnerability this fall.


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