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Grand jury indictments: Mother, son indicted on burglary-related charges

Staff Report
July 04. 2014 7:23PM

MANCHESTER — A mother and son were indicted by the June Hillsborough County North grand jury on charges related to an April 27 break-in at the 199 Wilson St. apartment of people who told police they were “loosely related” to Melissa Murray, 36, and her son, Tyler, 19, both of 244 Wilson St.

Melissa was indicted on a felony of burglary, for entering the apartment to commit theft; two felonies of first-degree assault, for throwing shards of broken glass at one person and slicing the arm of another with a piece of glass. Two misdemeanors of resisting arrest allege she ran from a police officer seeking to question her and struggled with him when he attempted to handcuff her.

Murray’s son, Tyler, was indicted on a felony burglary charge, a felony reckless conduct charge that alleges he swung a hammer around during an argument, and a misdemeanor of resisting arrest for hiding under a bed.

Two convicted felons who share the first name of Jason were indicted in connection with a home invasion incident May 27 at 499 Belmont St. in which one of the residents sustained a bullet graze wound to the neck.

Jason Candelario, 25, of 78 Young St., was indicted on felony charges of burglary, robbery, felon in possession of a deadly weapon, armed career criminal and falsifying physical evidence.

Candelario is accused of entering the residence with a firearm and demanding money from one of the residents, and of discarding a black mask on Laurel Street after the incident. A misdemeanor alleges he ran from an officer seeking to arrest him.

Jason Kenyon, 32, of 22 Pinyon Place, Derry, is accused of entering the residence to commit theft, pointing a handgun at a man and demanding money, firing a handgun at a sliding glass door while the man was standing behind it, and firing a handgun at the same man, causing a neck injury. He’s also accused of holding a loaded gun to another man’s head and telling him to get on the ground. After leaving the Belmont Street address, Kenyon is accused of discarding a black backpack on Laurel Street.

In all, Kenyon was indicted on seven felonies in connection with the May 27 incident on Belmont Street: first-degree assault, burglary, robbery, reckless conduct, criminal threatening, falsifying physical evidence and felon in possession of a deadly weapon.

Other indictments

Among other people indicted by the June grand jury are:

• John Rodriguez, 39, of 3422 Bailey Place, Bronx, N.Y., two felonies of pattern of aggravated felonious sexual assault of a female child, two of aggravated felonious sexual assault and two of felonious sexual assault, between 2010 and February of this year, starting when the child was 10 years old. An additional two charges of felonious sexual assault involve another female child, between September 2012 and September 2013, starting when the child was 13.

• Phat Tay, 24, of 260 Pearl St., two felonies of first-degree assault, for causing life-threatening injuries to a person police believed to be a drug customer, by stabbing the Bedford resident in the hip area and abdomen May 12 in a South Willow Street parking lot. Tay was out on bail. A charge of felon in possession stems from a previous burglary conviction.

• Ralph Blackey, 40, of 73 Young St., felonies of armed robbery and false reports as to explosives. Blackey is accused of calling in a bomb threat at Manchester High School West May 14, so police would be tied up while he robbed Bob’s Coins, 278 Kelley St. It was Blackey’s bad luck that an off-duty police officer was in the shop at the time.

• John Spaulding, 33, of 731 Somerville St., a felony of falsifying physical evidence and a misdemeanor of theft by unauthorized taking, for allegedly removing a Denver parking boot from his Dodge Dakota without the consent of the city of Manchester. He was indicted in connection with a separate incident, also involving a vehicle, a month later. Blackey was indicted for felony criminal mischief, for allegedly causing significant damage to another man’s vehicle by repeatedly striking it with a cinder block May 4.

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