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A few haiku: For our senior senator

June 13. 2014 12:16AM

On Wednesday The Concord Monitor published a political poem from former U.S. Poet Laureate Donald Hall of Wilmot. Expectedly, Hall is a man of the political left, that colorful place where artists, poets and other free thinkers congregate and conspire to impose their views on the unthinking masses via the power of the state.

Hall found amusement in insulting (criticizing is too lofty a word for it) Scott Brown in his poem, which is a fine way for octogenerian poets to while away their last days. It beats arguing with the cats.

In response, the Brown campaign issued a well-practiced talking point that was rather disappointing given the feisty nature of Hall’s challenge.

Here at the locally owned and editorially independent Union Leader, we are less risk averse. We answer to no voters or corporate stockholders, and we do appreciate a lively exchange.

Though we do not have a candidate yet in the U.S. Senate race, we are not terribly fond of the work Hall’s candidate of choice, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, does on behalf of President Obama. Hall wrote a modified haiku, and though we cannot rival Donald Hall’s considerable skill in verse, we can have a little fun playing with his favorite toy, so here are a few proper haiku on the poet’s preferred Senate candidate. We call them Jeanneku.

Choices, you once had
I made the system better
Hope you like Anthem

Wall Street checks
Hush, speak not, dear one
Move your sly pen in silence
One more zero there

Individual Mandate
Buy insurance, chump
Single men must get pill too
Live free or die, ha!

My captain, my love
Oh, New Hampshire hates you so
Let’s raise their taxes

Trust me, New Hampshire
Like your doc? You can keep him
LOL, suckers!

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