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May 31. 2014 8:13PM

What we saw: NH 'got it' on Memorial Day

We were glad about a lot of what we saw this latest Memorial Day.

We were glad to see the Manchester parade and we were glad to see the sizeable public turnout for it.

Manchester's high school and middle school bands played loud and strong and the number of youngsters in each contingent was impressive.

Most important, we were glad to see the number of military veterans, event speakers, and others who grasp the true meaning of Memorial Day.

It is a meaning worth repeating today, next year, and forever.

The meaning of Memorial Day is to honor those who gave their lives so that America would remain free. It is, in that respect, a much more poignant event than either Veterans Day or the 4th of July. The latter two holidays honor all those who serve and honor the birth of the nation.

Memorial Day, by contrast, honors the memory of those who never got to enjoy their full share of summer fireworks or Christmas Eves or just a Sunday morning with the kids and the funny pages.

It is important that we remember that. It is encouraging that so many seemed to do so, at least this year.

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