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May 16. 2014 9:02PM

Salem selectmen question inspection of ice cream trucks

SALEM — Summer is on its way, along with the familiar sound of children chasing down the ice cream truck at local parks and playgrounds.

Town officials will be making sure those ice cream trucks are properly licensed and safe for all those kids.

At a recent discussion on town codes, Selectman Pat Hargreaves, who also serves on the town’s recreation committee, asked what the procedure is if anyone has any complaints about those ice cream trucks.

“Let’s say we have a vehicle at Michele Park and there is a complaint that one of the vehicles is selling freezer-burned ice cream. How do we take care of that?” asked Hargreaves. “I know it sounds funny, but we do get complaints on this.”

Town health officer Brian Lockard said he performs unannounced inspections of the ice cream trucks throughout the year.

“The mobile vendors that come in will give me the locations of where they will sell their food,” said Lockard. “We have one that sells at the farmers market, and we have one that travels around but does spend time at the Field of Dreams, so I know the locations where they go and the times they are there.”

Lockard said he also has the contact information for each of the trucks, so if there is a complaint he can get in touch with them.

“In the course of the year, I will go out and find them on the road when I know where they are going and do an unannounced inspection,” said Lockard.

Selectman Everett McBride said the mobile food trucks are treated the same as a restaurant would be when it comes to unannounced inspections.

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