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May 04. 2014 10:20PM

Sanbornton to vote on cruisers, voting date

SANBORNTON — Voters at Town Meeting next week will decide whether to buy two new police cruisers and whether to repair the town’s loader truck.

Residents will also be asked if they want to return the annual voting and Town Meeting to their traditional time in March.

Town elections will be held on Tuesday, May 13, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Town Hall. Town Meeting will take place on Wednesday, May 14, at 7 p.m. in the Sanbornton Central School.

Residents will be asked to approve the budget committee’s proposed $3,817,075 budget. The selectman’s budget recommendation is $3,875,732.

The selectmen recommend an additional $24,590 above the budget committee’s allotment for spending on town highways and streets, and recommend spending $8,641 above the budget committee’s proposal for spending on the town library.

Warrant Article 5 asks voters to approve $541,500 in capital outlays, including $500,000 for improvements to town roads and $41,500 to pay lease payments on two highway department vehicles.

Article 6 asks residents to approve a five-year, $31,000 lease of a new SUV for the police department. Voters are asked to raise $6,500 for the first-year payment on the vehicle. Town officials said the department’s old SUV will be sold at auction or taken in trade for the new vehicle.

Article 7 asks for $34,000 to be raised for a new police cruiser. That cost includes updating equipment, installation of existing equipment, and the decommissioning of an old town police cruiser in order to send it to auction or offer it in trade.

Article 8 asks voters for $25,000 to pay for the repair and upgrading of the public works department’s loader. That cost includes repairing and updating any equipment needed.

Articles 6-8 call for spending not included in Article 5’s capital outlay, and all are recommended by both the selectmen and the budget committee.

Article 13, which is not recommended by the budget committee, asks voters to instruct the selectmen to appoint a five-person committee to develop a plan for elderly housing within the town and bring the plan to next year’s Town Meeting for approval.

Article 15 asks voters if they would like to move voting and Town Meeting back to the second Tuesday in March.


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