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NH’s economy: At last, a state plan!

April 29. 2014 6:09PM

The House has passed, and the Senate is about to, a bill directing the state Division of Economic Development to create and follow a state economic development plan. At last we are saved.

The economic development experts in the New Hampshire House have determined that the Division of Economic Development must “more effectively lead the state’s economic development.” It is like war.

Nay, it is war. And the state needs a field general to marshal its forces and lead them in battle against the armies of Malaise and Stagnation. To achieve this great glory, the House has instructed the “division of economic development, with input and assistance from the economic development advisory council” (every general needs a war council), to create a 14-point plan for victory.

Among the 14 points are instructions to consider “how to petition for and receive moneys, such as grants, to be used for economic development activities” and to consider creating “(i)nter-depart- ment agreements with selected state agencies recognizing their role in economic development strategies, plans, and programs.”

With such guidance, how can the Division of Economic Development fail? The state is to direct economic resources as only the wisest among us — those appointed to state positions by politicians — have the foresight to do.


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