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April 29. 2014 7:41PM

Salem selectmen waive fees for housing authority project

SALEM — Selectmen unanimously waived the permit fees for a contractor replacing hot water heaters at a Salem Housing Authority property.

Although there is no strict policy on waiving building permit fees for work on town properties, selectmen have generally waived the fees when it has been requested

.“The contractor for the housing authority … was told that the town of Salem has waived building permit fees in the past and he was interested in having them waived this time,” said Town Manager Keith Hickey.

The fees totaled $1,900 for the installation of 38 new electric hot water heaters at 44 Millville Street, according to Hickey.

Selectman James Keller asked if it has been the board’s practice in the past to waive the permit fees.

Hickey said selectmen have typically waived permit fees for town-related projects if they have been asked, but there have been other instances where no one has asked to have the fees waived and they have not been.“On the school side, we have always waived the fees,” said Selectman Everett McBride. “I’m sure we will waive all the fees on the (high school renovation) project.”

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