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SUV stolen in Belmont is recovered in Cincinnati

Union Leader Correspondent

April 28. 2014 7:30PM

BELMONT — With the help of police in Cincinnati, Ohio, local authorities have found a vehicle stolen more than a week ago from a local fitness center.

Police want the public to know that the theft has not been linked to the Felony Lane Gang, a Florida-based gang of thieves known for their thefts in various parts of the country at gyms, day-care centers, sports stadiums, parks and tourist attractions.

“There is no information currently available at this point to definitively link this event with the group of thieves known as the Felony Lane Gang, but all avenues of inquiry will be pursued,” said Lt. Rich Mann.

An SUV had been reported stolen from the parking lot at the Planet Fitness Center at the Belknap Mall on April 19. A female Planet Fitness customer told police that her keys were stolen from an unlocked locker.

After the theft, the stolen vehicle was registered with national stolen vehicle databases. On Sunday at 1:39 a.m., Belmont police received a call from Cincinnati police officials reporting that the car had been found and two suspects were taken into custody.

“The recovered vehicle is reported to be in good condition and the vehicle owner, who was contacted by our officer, is working with (their) insurance provider to coordinate the vehicle’s return to New Hampshire,” Mann said.

Belmont officers are working with Cincinnati police “and this case remains under investigation,” he said.Mann said a broadcast news report in New Hampshire last week indicated that there could be a link between the theft and the Felony Lane Gang, a traveling crew of thieves accused of stealing about $1 million and victimizing 150 people in states as far north as Wisconsin and as far west as California.

According to published reports, many of the thefts attributed to the gang are perpetrated by unrelated groups who may have learned the same set of techniques from the original gang.

Investigators expect the crime wave to continue as other gang members roam the country and unaffiliated thieves follow their example, according to reports.

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