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April 23. 2014 4:24PM

Candia police investigating possible pitbull fighting

This injured white pitbull was found April 13 in a ditch at the intersection of Merrill Road and High Street in Candia. (COURTESY PHOTO)

CANDIA – A badly-wounded Pitbull was recently left along the road in Candia, and police suspect the injuries and general condition of the canine are consistent with dog fighting.

The white male Pitball, which police estimate is near 5 years old, was found Sunday, April 13, around 7 a.m. in a ditch at the intersection of Merrill Road and High Street in Candia, not far from Charmingfare Farm. He was wrapped in a while-fitted bed sheet, covered with urine and very weak when he was found, said Candia Animal Control Officer Kate Morrill, who is investigating the incident.

"There is a large possibility that he was used for something in a dog-fighting situation," she said. "He has multiple scars on his feet, and his toenails are in very poor shape with sores on the pads of his feet, indicating he was standing in most likely his own urine and feces.

"The dog was extremely lethargic as if he had been given something," said Morrill. "His mouth, in general, was very gross with missing teeth and very gross gums. His feet were possibly broken at some point and his nails were extremely long and some nails had broken off. He had some serious skin issues, most likely due to his living conditions."

Candia Police Chief Mike McGillen said other local agencies have been contacted to determine if any have had similar incidences.

"This was pretty horrible," he said. "I'm absolutely disgusted by it, how someone could do that to this poor animal."

Morrill said the dog maintains a friendly demeanor and noted the woman who found him is interested in adopting him.

Though Morrill said there have been no other pitbull incidents reported, she noted there's been a growing number of stray and unclaimed dogs in both Candia and Deerfield.

Morrill is asking that anyone with additional information on the wounded pitbull or any other dogs that are being left locally to contact Candia police at 483-2318.

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