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Intolerance: Obama vs. pro-lifers

March 25. 2014 4:30PM

On Tuesday the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby. You might have heard that Hobby Lobby objects on religious grounds to covering contraceptives under its employee health insurance plan. It does not. The actual objection makes clear the depth of President Obama’s intolerance for pro-life Americans.

Hobby Lobby willingly provides insurance coverage for 16 types of contraceptives. Obamacare mandates 20 types. Hobby Lobby objects to only four — Plan B, Ella and two IUDs. The company’s owners, devout Christians, oppose those four because they either induce abortion or prevent an embryo from implanting. That is, they arguably end a life. The company owners simply want to continue providing the 16 other contraceptives and not be forced to pay for the four that they believe destroy life.

But Obama says they must provide and pay for all 20. This is the President who, in one of his first acts, signed an executive order restoring taxpayer funding for embryonic stem cell research. Forcing pro-lifers to violate their faith has been a mission of his for his entire presidency.

Regarding both the stem cell research and the contraception mandate, pro-lifers simply ask that the government not force them to violate their religious beliefs by compelling them to pay for the destruction of human embryos. That is all. But Obama forces them to violate their faith.

This is the very definition of intolerance. It is the very definition of bullying. But you won’t hear those terms applied to Saint Obama. Instead, it is Hobby Lobby that is widely portrayed as intolerant and wicked, so acceptable has religious intolerance become in our culture.


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