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Unfocused: What pro-job policies?

February 17. 2014 3:59PM

How is New Hampshire’s economy doing? Not as well as it should. And surprisingly, too few of our elected officials are trying as hard as they can to change that.

Last week Gallup released its latest “Job Creation Index.” It measures whether businesses in each state are hiring or letting people go. New Hampshire ranked seventh from the bottom.

Gov. Maggie Hassan has talked a lot about stimulating the state economy. But she has done little more than talk. Most of her time seems to be spent pursuing casino gambling, Medicaid expansion and various ways to raise state revenue. House Speaker Terie Norelli also spoke a lot about job creation during the 2012 campaign. But the House has been focused on things like marijuana legalization and gun background checks.

We were told that Democrats would focus like a laser on improving New Hampshire’s economy. They have not. Yet the state economy could use a boost. It could use the sort of boost that comes from pro-growth economic policies, the kind that reduce business costs and increase opportunities for employment. That is not what we are getting, which means too many Granite Staters will continue looking for jobs that aren’t there.


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