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Barefoot man chases down, stops car full of elderly women

February 13. 2014 11:26AM

MANCHESTER - A barefoot man, who told police he was at war with them, was arrested Wednesday night after he chased after a car full of elderly women, forcing it to a stop in the middle of Union Street.

Damaka Opgah, 28, of 346 Spruce St., was arrested after he knelt down in front of the car, yelled at the women inside, who he did not know, and then refused to move when an officer arrived, police said.

The incident happened about 10 p.m. Wednesday night when temperatures were below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Patrol officer Raymond Youngs saw the barefoot Opgah running north on Union Street, chasing after the car and forcing it to stop.

Youngs approached Opgah as he knelt in front of the car, yelling at the women. Police said Opgah refused to move, didn't answer the officer's questions and was dismissive of Youngs' requests for him to get out of the street.

Police said Opgah pulled away from Youngs when the officer attempted to conduct a quick "pat down" to ensure Opgah didn't have a weapon. Opgah then "violently pulled away" from the officer and mumbled something incoherent, according to a news release.

He continued to be uncooperative and eventually was hit with a stun gun as he was being handcuffed, police said.

Opgah allegedly told the officers to continue "Tasing" him because it had little to no effect on him.

Police said Opgah also told the officers they were his combatants and that he was at war with them.

Opgah continued to be combative and boisterous through the booking process at the police station.

The driver and the unidentified passengers left the area shortly after Opgah was arrested.

Police said Opgah had .5 grams of cocaine on him. He is charged with possession of a controlled drug, disorderly conduct for causing public alarm and resisting arrest.

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