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January 30. 2014 9:27PM

Candia voters to deliberate on $2.4M plan

CANDIA — The town’s deliberative session will be held at 9 a.m. Saturday at the Henry W. Moore School where town officials will present proposed warrant articles including the town’s roughly $2.4 million budget proposal for next year.

Unlike many towns also holding deliberative sessions this weekend, including Auburn and Allenstown, Candia officials say they have not yet prepared what the tax impacts of the warrant articles would be and that they may not have the impacts ready in time for the deliberative session.

“I am still working on the information that I have to get to the selectmen, so I am not sure if the tax impacts will be ready,” said administrative assistant Donna Becker.

Candia does not have a town administrator. Becker said she performs accounting work for the town.

During the deliberative session, residents will be presented with the proposed $2,377,975 town budget for next year. If residents don’t pass the budget in March, the default budget of $2,369,061 would kick in.

Other big-ticket items being presented include a warrant article submitted by the road agent asking for $150,000 to resurface portions of Lane, Green and Depot roads. Both the selectmen and the Budget Committee recommended the money be allocated.

The Smyth Public Library Trustees have put forward a warrant article asking for $133,880 for operating expenses.

The town seeks $75,000 for excess winter road maintenance with the stipulation that the funds won’t be used unless the winter budget is depleted, and $50,000 for the Apparatus Capital Reserve fund, which is used for the purchase of fire apparatus and equipment. To help pay for future property reevaluations, $20,000 is being asked for the Revaluation Capital Reserve Fund.

There are also two citizens petitions asking for $17,500 for the Candia Youth Athletic Association, which is recommended by the Budget Committee but not by the Board of Selectmen, and $37,000 for implementing a mosquito control program. The Budget Committee opposed the allocation.


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