Inmate sues jailed ex-cop and town alleging molestation

Aldridge, a former NPD officer, is currently incarcerated at the NHSP where Nye is also incarcerated. Aldridge is serving a sentence for possession of child pornography. Nye alleges that upon seeing Aldridge’s face recently, Nye recalled that when Nye was a minor, Aldridge arrested and brought Nye into custody. Nye recalls that at that time, Aldridge “overly touched” Nye; Aldridge kept “going to [Nye’s] pockets,” “looked” around Nye “way too much,” and made sounds or said words Nye could not quite hear, while looking at Nye from behind. Nye further recalls Aldridge telling Nye to “stop moving” when Nye turned around, wondering what Aldridge was doing. Nye believes that Aldridge’s search was a sexual assault, and that the NPD is liable for failing to prevent Aldridge from sexually assaulting him when he was a minor.

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