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January 03. 2014 12:43AM

Claremont City Council to decide on fate of outdoor pool

CLAREMONT — At their first meeting of 2014, city councilors plan to take a vote on the fate of the John McClane Clark Outdoor Pool at Veterans Park.

The meeting is planned for Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. The agenda includes a vote on whether to demolish the old pool.

In October, a report compiled by a firm hired by the city to study the pool confirmed that repairs to the pool would not be worth the money.

The Boston-based firm Bargmann Hendrie + Archetype, Inc. said in its report that an investment of about $460,000 by the city to reopen the current pool and bathhouse would not be a cost-effective use of potential funds.

“The work would reopen a pool that has been available to the City for decades; however the repairs do not provide a long-term solution to the continued high maintenance costs associated with operating the pool, or provide a permanent fix to the pool tank. As we noted above and in the report, the problems that exist today existed in 1994. This also does not address the bathhouse needs for programmatic, permanent structural repairs, and full compliance for individuals with disabilities,” the report said.

The city had planned to demolish the pool earlier this year when residents opposed the demolition and petitioned the city against it.Built in the 1950s, the outdoor pool was last renovated in the 1970s. It was closed two summers ago because the large amounts of water leaking made chlorinating the pool properly difficult, creating a potential public health issue. The 35-year-old gutter system appears to be the source of the pool leaks.

The city’s Parks and Recreation Department had supported the demolition and proposed a $250,000 outdoor splash park to replace it.

The community also has an indoor pool at the recently opened Claremont Savings Bank Community Center.

The John McLane Clark Outdoor Pool was only opened eight weeks out of the year.


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