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Granite State Business News Quiz 2013

From Staff Reports
December 30. 2013 10:43PM
Employees and others hold signs in support of Market Basket's president at a rally outside the Epping supermarket in September. (UNION LEADER FILE)

During the past year, Granite State residents watched a dozen Stop & Shop and Shaw's stores close while grocery leader Market Basket weathered internal board bickering for the company's control.

The state switched vendors for its lucrative liquor contract, several more fledgling breweries emerged, and technology companies continued to make their mark.

Test your knowledge of 2013's business events as reported in the pages of the New Hampshire Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News.

Answers are below. (For the national perspective, Google the Wall Street Journal's Dec. 26 article "Business News in 2013: A Quiz," which inspired this feature.)

1. A battle for control of the Market Basket supermarket chain has pitted a rival family faction against its chief executive. The name of the company's CEO is:

A. Arthur S. Demoulas.

B. Arthur T. Demoulas.

C. Arthur U. Demoulas.

D. Jean-Michel Marquis Basquiat.

2. Which one of these perks is not among those offered by Dyn at its Manchester Millyard campus?

A. Skee-ball machine.

B. Private restaurant.

C. Dog-friendly workplace.

D. Boat-to-work day.

3. Granite State Hospitality was awarded a contract by the state as part of a $32 million makeover of the Hooksett rest areas on Interstate 93 that will include new state liquor stores, gas stations and several restaurants. The company is better known as:

A. Great New Hampshire Restaurants.

B. Granite State Casino Corp.

C. The Common Man restaurant group.

D. Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives of New Hampshire.

4. Which expense was not among the factors that pushed the state's litigation costs to nearly $2 million over budget by the end of fiscal year 2013 in June?

A. A legal challenge to the state's mental health system.

B. Seven homicides.

C. A lawsuit against ExxonMobil over whether the company is liable for cleaning up groundwater contaminated by methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE).

D. A dispute over a construction contract.

5. Match the person with his comment.

A. Planet Fitness CEO Chris Rondeau

B. Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer

C. FIRST president Donald E. Bossi

D. C&S Wholesale Grocers Inc. spokesman Bryan T. Granger

1. "If you tell a smart kid he's got one wish, he'll wish for a 1,000 wishes. If you ask an inventor what he'd invent, he'd say I'm going to invent 1,000 more inventors."

2. "We're the biggest company no one has ever heard of."

3. "A lot of people compare us to Southwest in a lot of ways. They do everything so much different than the rest of their industry, but it works for them."

4. "I have a great team that I put together, and we're obsessed with bringing gourmet quality coffee to the market for a reasonable retail price."

6. Manchester jeweler David Bellman has introduced a method to:

A. Franchise the jewelry business.

B. Sell wholesale diamonds directly to consumers.

C. Eliminate bacteria from jewelry.

D. Finance engagement rings.

7. GT Advanced Technologies of Merrimack announced a deal in November to provide Apple with what substance used to make iPhones?

A. Aluminum.

B. Plastic.

C. Saphire.

D. Lithium.

8. Which of these New Hampshire brands is not a brewery?

A. Tuckerman.

B. Sea Hagg.

C. 7th Settlement.

D. White Birch

9. Match the retailer with the New Hampshire location where a store is planned or under construction.

A. Bass Pro Shops

B. Whole Foods

C. Hannaford

D. In-N-Out Burger





10. The New Hampshire Liquor Commission ended a 40-year relationship with Law Warehouses of Nashua and awarded its liquor warehousing and trucking business to which Ohio-based company?

A. Exel

B. InBev

C. Xcel

D. Yum! Brands


1.B. Market Basket's CEO is Arthur T. Demoulas.

2.D. Dyn does not have a boat-to-work day. Grappone Automotive Group in Concord offers that perk for employees.

3. C. The Common Man restaurant group.

4. C. The San Francisco law firm that prosecuted the MTBE case for the state is being paid from settlement proceeds or penalties from the $236 million jury verdict, which ExxonMobil is appealing.

5. A-3, B-4, C-1, D-2.

6. C. Eliminate bacteria from jewelry.

7. C. Demand for sapphire materials has surged since Apple started using it as a camera-lens cover for its iPhones in 2012.

8. B. North Hampton-based Sea Hagg distills rum.

9. A-3 Hooksett, B-2-4 Nashua and Portsmouth, C-1 Exeter, D-Sorry, In-N-Out fans; the California burger chain has no plans to come to New Hampshire at this time.

10. A-Exel Inc. of Westerville, Ohio, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the German firm, Deutsche Post DHL.

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