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Thieves ransack Concord mailboxes in quest for cash and gift cards

Staff Report
December 25. 2013 1:31AM

CONCORD -- Police and federal postal inspectors are investigating a crime spree in which more than 100 mailboxes were looted Monday night and Tuesday.
Police said pieces of mail was removed from the mailboxes, and in some cases the entire mailbox was stolen. After being called by residents upset that the contents of the postal boxes on their streets had been strewn about, police noticed that select pieces of mail had been opened. The opened mail appeared to be gift packages and Christmas cards considered likely to contain gift cards, cash or checks.

Police have asked for help from the public in finding the thieves. Anyone with information is urged to call the Concord Regional Crimeline at (603) 226-3100. Persons in possession of a large number of gift cards, cash or checks are possible suspects, police said.

Among the streets involved were Mountain Road, Oakmont Drive, Pine Crest Circle and Thackeray Road. In all, 15 streets were identified as areas hit by the mail box thieves.

United States Postal Service inspectors have joined the investigation.

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