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Neighbors support victims of holiday decorations vandal

Union Leader Correspondent

December 20. 2013 9:26PM
Some of the holiday decorations that were set up Friday include this Disney themed inflatable decoration that was given to Joyce Bourque as a present in memory of her mother. The decoration had been slashed in the incident and repaired on Friday. (HUNTER McGEE/Union Leader Correspondent)

DERRY — Neighbors are rallying around a family after their holiday decorations were destroyed by a lone vandal who was caught on video.

The incident occurred on Friday, Dec. 13, at the DonMac Drive residence of David and Joyce Bourque. About $600 in damage was done by an individual who can be seen on the video running across the lawn and slashing the inflatable decorations with a knife.

After the vandalism was covered by a local television station, Home Depot donated inflatable holiday decorations on Thursday to the family.

David Bourque said the incident hasn't been brought to a close yet since no one has been identified or arrested. But he is still grateful for the generosity Home Depot has displayed.

"Through the generous donation of Home Depot, we were able to put our display back up and we'll see how it looks when it's dark," he said.

In addition, neighbors have offered their support and helped set up the display on Friday, Bourque said. Neighbor John O'Connor, a state representative, stopped by Friday to help Bourque clear snow and set up the new decorations donated by Home Depot.

"We are a neighborhood and we all join together," said O'Connor, who planned for his grandchildren to stop by later Friday night to see the display.

They were also able to patch one inflatable decoration that was slashed in the incident and has sentimental value to Bourque's wife. The decoration of a Disney-themed sleigh was given to Joyce Bourque as a present in memory of her mother, David Bourque said.

As he spoke near his front yard, a neighbor drove by and thanked Bourque for setting up the display.

"We've been getting that all morning," Bourque said. "It's a wave and a 'thank you' and a couple of emails from neighbors that say "I'll bring my grandkids by."'

David Bourque had set up the video system following an incident of minor violence last month. On the video, the person can be seen using a knife to slash at the base of a large globe decoration, causing it to immediately lose air and sag to the snow-covered ground. A car with its lights on can be seen passing by, just as the person begins running towards the decorations.

The 25-second video has appeared on some area media websites, Bourque said.

Police are investigating the vandalism, Derry police Capt. Vern Thomas said in an email Thursday.

Bourque said he has turned over a copy of the video to police and they have attempted to enhance the images. Bourque said the report was just filed on Wednesday so he wasn't "expecting much in two days."

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call the Derry Police Department at 432-6111.

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