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December 11. 2013 7:58PM

Union Leader Santa Fund Contributors

In memory of Leo & Helen Vaillancourt from the Skarlos family $1,000.00

In memory of Hugh Topliff and Ray Dodier from the Massebesic Senior Citizens Club $25.00

Anonymous $75.00

In loving memory of Grammy Cone, Grammy Winn, Kyle, Aunt Marie, Donna, Uncle Don and Papa Cone. Love, Jamie and Justin $50.00

In lieu of Christmas cards from V.S.G. $25.00

God bless those in need $25.00

In memory of our beloved son, Ronald A. Paris, who dies June 11, 2013 from Mom and Dad $35.00

Happy Holidays from the Nerdens $50.00

In memory of George & Elizabeth Bartholomew and William & Lena Dollard from Don & Ann Dollard $50.00

In memory of Bishop Leo O'Neil from Don & Ann Dollard $25.00

In loving memory of our grandfather William G. Bolos. Merry Christmas from Alicia, William and Kayleigh $50.00

In memory of Thomas J. Spaulding from Lorraine and Sue Spaulding $50.00

In loving memory of Fred (Bob) McKinney from his wife $25.00

In memory of Charles & Jeanne Bienvenue from their daughter, Germaine $25.00

In memory of my friends, Pat and Ginny from Germaine $25.00

In memory of Edmund and Doris Kaffel, loving and caring parents. We miss you. Love, Sandy, Candy and Scott $200.00

In loving memory of our parents, Charlotte Shea and Louis & Lillian Huard from Don & Judy Huard $25.00

Remembering our parents, Henry & Agnes Clayton and Bob & Margaret Hazelton from Marion Hazelton $500.00

In memory of those friends gone before us from Peter Stevenson $100.00

From Mary Wiglusz $30.00

Anonymous $500.00

In memory of Carroll Wilson, former Manchester Salvation Army board member from Ann & Bill Marvin $200.00

In memory of our pets, Misha, Jebbe and Sassy. We miss them very much from Arthur and Linda $100.00

In loving memory of Joseph & Veronica Stoklosa from Bob & Jane $100.00

In loving memory of our parents, Camille "KY" Joyal and Frank & Charlotte Plante from Richard & Elaine Plante $100.00

In loving memory of my husband, Frank Swierz, Sr. from his wife, Elsie $25.00

In loving memory of our grandfather, Frank Swierz, Sr. from Debbie, Glenn and Karen $25.00

In loving memory of my husband, Al Ransom from his wife, Pat $25.00

In loving memory of our loved ones, Germain & Estelle Morel, Jeffrey Chaput and Katie. Love and miss you, David & Doris Vachon $50.00

In memory of Audrey Ann Biwer from Melvin Biwer $50.00

In memory of my dear husband, Jerry $20.00

For all the good times in loving memory of George Psirogianis from the Sandersons $100.00

For my grandsons, Erik, Max and Jakob Radermacher. I miss you and love you from Grandma Jo Dufort $100.00

Good tidings to all from Herb & Martha $200.00

Merry Christmas to all $250.00

In memory of Daniel Hayden from Melissa and Tina $50.00

From Daniel Donovan $30.00

Merry Christmas from Ray and Toni $100.00

In loving memory of our Parents, Norma J. Stiles and Earl & Gladys Morrison from John & Gail $100.00

From Shannon Owen $65.00

In memory of deceased loved ones from B&R $500.00

Today's Total $5,080.00

Previous Total $79,171.89

Total to Date $84,251.89

How to donate

Santa Fund donations can be made by completing the online form by clicking "Donate" below or send a check to:

c/o New Hampshire Union Leader
P.O. Box 9555
Manchester, NH 03108

You can also drop off the printed form in our newspaper and a donation in the Santa Fund box at the Union Leader, 100 William Loeb Drive in Manchester from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. We will also have a donation drop box at the Intown Manchester Holiday Market on Thursday, November 29 and every Thursday in December.

Share a holiday greeting

With your donation, the Union Leader will publish a short holiday message in the newspaper. Just write it up exactly as you would have it appear, printing clearly, and mail it along with your donation. If you prefer to donate online, follow the link on the page following the transaction to submit a Christmas message.

For more information, please contact Shannon Sullivan, Union Leader Community Relations Manager, at (603) 206-7833 or ssullivan@unionleader.com

The Union Leader Santa Fund is a community tradition that has supported the Salvation Army for more than 50 years. The Santa Fund was first established at the Post Office Fruit in Manchester after a chance 1959 meeting between the Salvation Army major and the then-editor of the Union Leader.

In its first year, the Santa Fund brought in $1,000 to support the Salvation Armys Christmas effort. Since then, the Santa Fund has raised nearly $6.8 million, thanks to the generosity of the community and local businesses. Santa Fund dollars continue to provide warm clothing, meals and toys during the holidays, as well as support Kids Caf, summer camps and other critical programs throughout the year. Last year's drive brought in over $240,000 thanks to the generosity of local businesses and residents, bringing the lifetime total to nearly $6.8 million.

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