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December 12. 2013 9:09AM

Parents share what makes Abigail a special girl

The necklace at left is a favorite of Abigail Hernandez, and the Conway teen is known to carry a handbag like this. Authorities hope someone will see the items and help locate her. 

CONWAY — Abigail Hernandez is a bright young writer and photographer who once tried unsuccessfully with her parents' help to get one of her stories published. And she is a big Beatles fan.

Her father, Ruben Hernandez, said she is also a Christian.

"What I can tell you about her has to start with her best quality. And that's the person that she is," Hernandez wrote to the New Hampshire Union Leader after being asked for comment about his daughter's personality and favorite activities.

"Her inner beauty matches her outer beauty," he said. "She is a very unique individual. She is brilliant, and very talented."

Besides her father, her mother, Zenya Hernandez, and her older sister, Sarah, Abigail has two pet "pug" dogs that she adored, Zenya Hernandez said.

"Teddie and Moe miss her very much, as we all do," her mother said.

Abigail, 15, has been missing since Oct. 9.

Zenya Hernandez, who is divorced from Ruben Hernandez, agreed that Abigail's personality is "what draws people to her."

"That and her sense of humor," Zenya Hernandez said. "I think that's what I miss about her most, she was always making me laugh."

"She is very kind, and considerate of others. She loves the Lord, and was saved and baptized," her father said.

"She is also a great writer," he said, saying she started to write stories around the age of 7.

"If you were to read some of the things she wrote back then you would think that it was written by a grown-up. She created a character, and wrote a children's story that we tried to get published."

On a more somber note, he added, "I would like to help her continue to pursue that."

Abigail has also shown talent in photography, something her parents encouraged, he said.

"She is an amazing photographer. About five years ago she took some incredible pictures of her pet snail 'Mr. Whiskers'," Ruben Hernandez said.

She has been a runner in school and also likes to play golf. "You should see her golf swing. She has the makings of a pro," her father said.

She is also a musician who plays the guitar and the clarinet.

"But she is very competitive. Likes to play chess, card games, and board games. Our favorite is Sorry," he said.

She has been a member of a local health club, her mother said, "and she exercises a lot."

She also likes to cook. "She makes the best scones," he father said. "Some of her favorite foods are arroz con pollo, and steak. I spoiled her, and her sister Sarah on filet mignon. Medium rare."

And, her mother said, Abby is a "deep thinker."

"She writes poetry. And she really likes The Beatles," Zenya Hernandez said.

Both parents continue to pray that she comes home.

"She deserves to be loved and cared for. And I will continue to trust in the Lord that he will return her to us," Ruben Hernandez said.


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