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November 21. 2013 8:06PM

Superintendent works on setting personal goals

SALEM — For the past decade, Superintendent Michael Delahanty has taken on the School Board’s strategic goals for the school year as his own.

Recently, however, Delahanty has been working with the board to establish a list of more specific personal and professional goals.

“This is an outgrowth of discussions we’ve had on evaluations,” said Delahanty.

Over the past year, Delahanty has met with Patricia Corbett and other School Board members about establishing personal and professional goals that can be used to help with the board’s evaluation of the superintendent’s performance.

“As we talked, it became more clear that I had to formally state some goals and explain those goals and what the expected outcomes would be,” said Delahanty.

Over the past decade, Delahanty said, he has felt as if the board’s goals have been his goals.

“For the past 10 years, the expectation was that I would ensure the actualization of the board’s goals, and at the end of each year provide a general analysis of how we’ve done relating to the expectations,” he said.Delahanty agreed, however, that establishing more personal goals could assist with the evaluation process.The goals he presented to the School Board at a workshop meeting earlier this week included improving communication and working to establish a better evaluation process for principals and other administrators.“We’ve been working for 10 years on the concept of teacher evaluation and giving meaningful feedback to teachers,” said Delahanty. “I continue to feel that principals should have standards as well and performance indicators that describe the different levels of performance.”Delahanty said he is working on giving principals specific expectations and also plans on meeting with principals more in their schools.

School Board members applauded Delahanty for his work in establishing personal and professional goals.

“I’ve always realized that the district’s goals were your goals, but some of them are out of your control,” said board member Michael Carney.

“So I was one of the proponents of having you submit your own personal goals.”

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