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Volunteer efforts continue in search for missing Conway teen

Union Leader Correspondent

November 10. 2013 8:57PM

CONWAY — The goal of the volunteers taking part in the virtual search for Abigail Hernandez is very simple and very broad: To reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible with Abby’s photo and details.

To that end, the online vigil network that reached more than 3,200 screens two weekends ago was busy again this weekend. On Saturday, all who originally participated were asked to post Abigail’s photo and details on their Facebook pages once more to mark the one-month anniversary of her Oct. 9 disappearance.

It’s all part of the developing strategy of the residents who are leading the volunteer side of the search, which is distinct from the law enforcement side, in which investigators are conducting targeted searches and inquiries.

The virtual search has not led to Abigail’s discovery, but it has been successful in reaching people, said Paul Kirsch, a local marketing professional who is volunteering his time for the search.

The virtual home for the volunteer search is Kirsch’s new website,, which has resources for volunteers, including printable missing posters and photos for sharing on Facebook pages.

The site is helping to keep the search, and hope, going strong, he said.

“Every medium we can use to get her information out is important,” Kirsch said.

“The Facebook groups are doing their part, and I hope that this website helps support their effort with resources,” he said.

Among the resources available on the page are Spanish versions of the posters, as Abigail is Hispanic, he said.

“We now have a Spanish page on the website. This gives people a means of sharing information about her in the Latino community if they have connections there – including printing the Spanish language missing posters.”

The site and the volunteer effort will continue to grow, he said.

“As people think of other resources that are needed, we will continue to use the website as that central resource of static information which can be referred to by social media sites,” Kirsch said.

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