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The positive mayor: Gatsas' vision for Manchester

November 09. 2013 12:40AM

Congratulations to Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas for his election to a third term last Tuesday. And condolences to Democrat operatives who no doubt thought their higher party registration and labor union support would do the trick this time in a "nonpartisan'' election that is rarely that.

The difference in the mayor's race may have come down to non-aligned or "independent'' voters who looked at the job Gatsas has done more than his Republican Party designation.

Those voters were also likely attracted by something the mayor himself has pointed out: He kept things positive.

There were no negative mailers from Gatsas' campaign. No personal attacks.

He simply ran on and defended his record, which has included helping the state's largest city weather one of the worst economic recessions in modern history.

His challenger was backed by a teachers union that is upset Gatsas keeps asking it to pay its fair share for rising health costs. But his challenger, who complained that the incumbent lacked vision, had none of his own to offer.

Gatsas does have a vision: to manage a challenging, diverse city as efficiently, safely, and positively as possible.

The city is fortunate to have him.

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