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Nashua police chief: Mayor's husband leaked identity of informant

Union Leader Correspondent

November 05. 2013 10:44PM

NASHUA — Police Chief John Seusing said Tuesday that David Lozeau, the husband of Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau, leaked the identity of a confidential informant. He also said the police investigation into questionable practices by the former bail commissioner was never closed, just put on hold.

In a statement issued Tuesday night, Seusing acknowledged that in the fall of 2009, city police began an investigation into bid rigging allegations made by a confidential informant against the Lozeaus.

Seusing said that due to the serious nature of the allegations, the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office became involved. He stressed that no criminal charges could be substantiated against either of the Lozeaus, and the investigation into the alleged bid rigging was suspended.

Before the bid rigging issues being raised, however, he said multiple concerns were expressed by members of the police department's Domestic Violence Unit and the department's Narcotics Intelligence Division regarding David Lozeau's actions as bail commissioner. Lozeau resigned as bail commissioner earlier this year.

"Through a one-party intercept that was duly authorized by the Attorney General's Office, a recorded phone conversation revealed that Bail Commissioner Lozeau exposed the identity of Nashua Police Department confidential informant, who assisted the Narcotics Intelligence Division with drug investigations," said Seusing.

In addition, Seusing said there were other investigations underway that remained open through 2011 and 2012 that dealt with close associates of David Lozeau.

"Based on the information learned during this investigation, it became obvious to me as chief of police that the continuing course of conduct by Bail Commissioner Lozeau could be detrimental to ongoing and future drug investigations," said Seusing. "More importantly, his conduct potentially jeopardized the safety of our undercover detectives as well as our confidential informants and others."

Seusing said his concerns were brought to the attention of the Nashua District Court, which appointed and oversaw David Lozeau's position as a bail commissioner. Seusing stressed that the court, the Nashua Police Commission and the Attorney General's Office were notified of his concerns before the mayor's State of the City address earlier this year, when she called out the police unions for failing to negotiate new contracts.

The mayor has said police revisited the investigation this year because of political reasons, describing it as a "smear campaign."

"It is the Nashua Police Department's responsibility to investigate any and all allegations of criminal misconduct or wrongdoing regardless of who it involves," Seusing said. "To do otherwise would be contrary to our code of ethics and would erode the trust and confidence that the citizens of Nashua have in their police department."

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