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Manchester Mayor Q&A

November 01. 2013 11:56PM


The Questions

1) What is the most important issue facing the city?

2) Do you support hiring additional police officers? If so, how would you propose funding the positions?

3) What are your thoughts on the tax cap?

GatsasTed Gatsas


Age: 63

Relevant experience: Current Mayor, former Aldermen, past State Senator, former small business owner and entrepreneur.

1) We must resolve the remaining contract issues with our teachers. We must sit down and come to a common understanding about where we are and where we are going to resolve the outstanding issues so we can collectively work together to surpass the goals we have set for city students. As your Mayor I have seen first-hand that we have the best students in the state, the best schools in the state, the best teachers, principals and administrators in the state and we have proven time after time that we exceed all expectations when we work together.

2) Yes, I absolutely support hiring more police officers. We must make these hires using general fund dollars and not temporary grants that run out and come with strings attached. Since becoming Mayor we have responsibly expanded the police force and crime prevention programs using general fund dollars which has provided for long-term sustainability of the Manchester Police Department.

3) I have always supported the tax cap and I will continue to be an advocate for the tax cap. The tax cap has provided a predictable framework for our budget that I believe Queen City residents value and appreciate.

ArnoldPatrick Arnold

Age: 30

Occupation: Attorney

Relevant experience: Proud father and husband; two-term Manchester alderman; chair, BMA Committee on Jobs & Economic Development; member, BMA Committee on Finance

1) The most important issue facing our city is a fundamental lack of vision and leadership at City Hall. Our city has seen annual increases in violent crimes over the last four years, and robberies have increased 20% from where they were in 2009. We saw 148 burglaries in a single month earlier this year. In our school district, devastating cuts have resulted in overcrowded classrooms and lawsuits from surrounding towns looking to educate their children elsewhere. Manchester is bleeding young families and talented professionals. Mayor Gatsas' administration has provided no vision for a better Manchester, and no plans to curb these trends. Vision and new leadership in the corner office is needed to meet these challenges.

2) Yes, our plan to fight rising violent crime in Manchester includes hiring 3 to 4 new police officers each year over the next five years. These additional officers would "walk a beat" in city neighborhoods. I would consider all options for funding these positions, including the use of federal monies. Manchester residents pay federal taxes; we should be returning federal tax money to Manchester taxpayers whenever possible. Using such monies to make our streets and neighborhoods safer is common sense. Complete details on our public safety plan can be found at

3) As mayor, I will work to implement the tax cap in a manner that is fair and equitable to all Manchester citizens and in a manner that ensures all citizens get the services they expect and deserve. Providing taxpayers the very best value for their tax dollars must always be at the center of the conversation.

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