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Benghazi’s back: CBS exposes the coverup

October 28. 2013 5:34PM

More than a year after the preventable debacle at the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, the Obama administration’s inexcusable inaction, blame deflection and coverup are being exposed.

This past Sunday, “60 Minutes” aired a report on Benghazi that was a year in the making. It showed, among other things, that the security contractor hired to run the mission’s unarmed guard team had warned repeatedly that the mission would fall to an attack because the armed Libyan guards could not be trusted. A Green Beret commander based in Tripoli had warned Washington that al-Qaida was preparing to attack Americans in Benghazi and the only option was “leave Benghazi or you will be killed.” Those warnings were ignored.

The White House said for as long as a week after the attack that there was no evidence it had been premeditated. But numerous people on the ground at the time knew it was a planned al-Qaida attack and told Washington that.

Four Americans died in the attack. It would have been more, except some CIA employees defied orders and ran to aid the mission. After more than a year, there is no accountability for the American people and no justice for the families of the Americans who were killed. The people should demand both.

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