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November 03. 2013 11:45PM

Salem signs contract with driving school

SALEM — The School Board has approved a three-year contract with Granite State Driving School to provide driver education for Salem High School students.

Earlier this fall, the high school's driver education program was eliminated because of a lack of instructors and leadership.

"With the loss of the director and almost all of the instructors, we recommended and the board approved the dissolution of the driver education program," said Superintendent Michael Delahanty. "But that put our kids at a disadvantage. We decided we would do what we could to help coordinate something for our high school students and their parents."

Delahanty contacted AAA New Hampshire as well as the state police department that oversees all state driver education programs to see whether there was an option to provide an on-site contracted services.The state police said there are some companies that provide on-site driver education programs at high schools, but that there aren't many that are big enough to handle a school the size of Salem High School.Delahanty contacted Granite State Driving School, however, and the owner indicated that his company has enough instructors and cars to successfully implement the program."In return for hosting the program at the high school, we will get the tuition at about the same cost as we had been offering it for here," said Delahanty.

The driving school will handle all facets of the operation, he said.

"The only students who come to the high school will be our students from Salem High School?" School Board member Michael Carney asked.

Delahanty assured Carney that the program would be for Salem students only."I'm really appreciative of how fast this came together for our students," said board member Pamela

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