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October 22. 2013 8:15PM

Obamacare spin: The product is not good

President Obama on Monday held a news conference supposedly to address the disaster that was the Oct. 1 rollout of Obamacare. Instead, he delivered a sad little infomercial for his signature boondoggle, pretending that it was working beautifully except for a small technical problem that Americans needn’t worry about. It was a low point for his presidency.

“The product is good,” he said. He added, “The point is the essence of the law, the health insurance that’s available to people, is working just fine.”

Neither of those statements is true, and if Obama were a private pitchman using those phrases to sell Obamacare he might come under government scrutiny.

“The product” includes the online exchanges, which don’t work. They are not incidental; they are the only way for uninsured Americans to buy health insurance under the law. The insurance can’t be “working just fine” if people can’t access it. Nor can it be “working just fine” if it costs more, is not what the insurance people want or need, and causes employers to drop coverage either because it does not meet the Obamacare insurance mandates or because paying the Obamacare fines is cheaper than covering employees.

Nothing about this law is “working just fine.” Nor is the President’s pathetic spin, which fewer Americans believe every day.

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